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Transcript of Rathmines Public School video

00:00 - [Music]

01:19 - I love Rathmines Public School because you

01:22 - meet a lot of friends and they're always

01:23 - nice to you.

01:27 - I like going to play on the computers

01:33 - I love school because its fun

01:36 - i love school because you learn 

01:38 - you get to have heaps of fun here and you learn a lot

01:41 - i love playing on the computers it's so much fun

01:44 - i love school because there a lot of really good teachers 

01:52 - there a lot of things to do like play on the basketball court or in the quiet area

01:54 - i love school because you get to play with your friends at lunch and recess

01:59 - i love school because we get to do art


02:31 - (Yelling) We love our school, we love Rathmines

End of transcript.

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